Operationalize CX with Business Impact Analysis


CX teams have come a long way in helping digital product teams incorporate customer research and voice of customer data into problem resolution, product planning, and design scenarios. But what has been missing is an easy way to build a business case for prioritizing projects that both business and technical teams can agree upon. This is where the Qualtrics + Quantum Metric integration comes in.

Kristi Olson, Digital Customer Experience/VOC Manager for Deluxe Corporation, has been at the forefront of this CX-driven revolution. She has implemented bi-directional integrations among Adobe Analytics, Qualtrics and Quantum Metric to ensure CX teams provide customer insights impactful to each business unit.

Watch the recording to hear Kristi share:

  • Relevant use cases
  • Techniques in using these insights
  • What it took to forge these deeper relationships with her stakeholders.

Watch the Recording